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School Policies


Calahan is a closed campus with all gates locked throughout the day.  Children may be dropped off or picked up at the Knapp Street, Geyser Street, or Calahan Street Kindergarten gates.  After 8:00 am, all access to the campus is through the office.  Visitors must sign in and be issued identification. 


Medical Conditions

The school should be notified of any medical condition affecting the health of a student.  NO medications, prescription or over-the-counter, may be administered at school without written prescription from a doctor.  Medications must be delivered to the office.  They may not be taken to the classroom.



In the interests of safety for the children, all access to the campus after 8:00 will be through the school office.  Tardiness has a negative effect on the education of the late student and on the entire class that is interrupted by late arrival. Chronic tardiness will require a parent conference with the principal.


Personal Electronic Devices Policy

LAUSD prohibits the use of any electronic signaling devices, including cell phones and ipads/tablets, by students on campus during school hours.  Students are permitted to possess cell phones or electronic signaling devices on campus provided that any such device shall remain “off” and stored in a backpack where it is not visible during school hours.  Students are not permitted to use cell phones on campus between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. 

Additionally, there should be no filming or posting of videos on social media identifying students or taken on campus. Calahan Street Elementary is not responsible for loss, damage, use, or theft of electronic devices.


Homework Policy

Calahan believes that the acquisition of knowledge and the development of self-discipline are highly personal endeavors.  Homework is essential in the educational process.  It is assigned and monitored by the classroom teacher.  Included in homework are written assignments, notebooks, review, projects, reading, outlining, summarizing, and study.  Some assignments are designed as family activities.  Homework is not necessarily written work.  Students are encouraged to read books at their appropriate level each night.  Calahan follows the Los Angeles Unified School District policy concerning the time children should be expected to spend on homework.  Approximate times are as follows and do not include daily reading practice:

Kindergarten                                                10 minutes per day

Grades one and two                                   20 minutes per day

Grade three                                                  30 minutes per day

Grade four                                                    40 minutes per day

Grade five                                                     50 minutes per day

Students are responsible for planning a schedule for nightly and long-term assignments.  If a student misses class, she/he is responsible for getting missed assignments from a classmate or the teacher.  The role of the parent is one of encouragement and support.  Students should do their own assignments with minimum support.


If extra help in an academic area becomes necessary, students are encouraged to seek advice from their teachers.  Free homework help is also available through the Los Angeles Public Library at  Teachers at Calahan are an unusually dedicated group and are regularly available to their students. 



Students should arrive at school clean and neatly groomed.  Clothing should be sturdy, comfortable, and objectively reasonable. 

  • Socks and low-heeled shoes that fully cover the feet are required.
  • Open-toed shoes such as flip flops and sandals are not appropriate.  Platform soles or heels should not exceed one inch in height.  Wheeled or backless shoes are never permitted.
  • Halter tops, tank tops, backless, strapless tops or bare midriffs are not permitted.
  • Short shorts, very short skirts, and bicycle pants are not allowed.
  • Hats may not be worn in the buildings. Baseball caps are never to be worn backwards.
  • Clothing and other items worn may not have pictures or writing pertaining to drugs, gangs, or alcohol.  They may not feature vulgar or profane language.
  • Baggy, oversized clothing should not be worn. “Baggy” pants are those that will not stay up without a belt.
  • Students should not wear large, dangling or hoop earrings, as they are unsafe.    
  • Hair must be groomed so it is not viewed as a distraction in class.
  • Makeup may not be worn.

Leave Early Recess/Lunch

We kindly ask that if you need to pick up your child early from school during recess or lunch, please communicate with your child’s teacher ahead of time. This will allow the teacher to advise the student to take their backpack with them and wait in the office at the appropriate time.

Please note that classrooms are locked during recess and lunch, therefore it is crucial to coordinate with your child and the teacher to ensure that they are able to leave with their backpack and homework.


The following is the recess and lunch schedule:



All Grades


10:00 – 10:20





Grades 1, 2, 3

Grades 4 & 5

11:30- 12:15

11:40 – 12:30

12:00 – 12:40

11:50 – 12:30


Minimum Days


Brunch (All Grades)

10:00 – 10:30


Lost and Found/Personal Belongings

Each year many articles of clothing are lost and not claimed.  Parents should LABEL children’s clothing, especially jackets and other outer garments which may be easily removed and forgotten. A clothing rack with unclaimed articles is located near the office doors.  Children should check the classroom and the Lost and Found rack before inquiring in the office.  Calahan assumes no responsibility for lost personal items.  Students are not to bring toys, unnecessary amounts of money, electronic items, or other valuables to school.  If special circumstances require a child to have a valuable item, it should be given to the teacher for safekeeping.


Fourth and Fifth grade children are not allowed to bring oversized backpacks, book bags, or large binders into the classroom. If a binder/folder will not fit in a desk, it should be left at home.  Candy, gum, cosmetics, super glue, permanent markers, and aerosol sprays are not permitted on campus.


Birthday Policy

Please communicate directly with your student’s teacher regarding birthday celebrations in the classroom. To maintain a safe and healthy environment for our students, we will only allow store-bought cupcakes or cookies to be brought in for these celebrations. We would like to inform you all that we will no longer allow pizza, drinks, or goody bags in the classrooms.


Lunch/Water Bottle Drop Off

At our school, parents are welcome to drop off lunch and water for their children in the front office. However, to promote healthy eating habits, we do not allow fast food and soda to be brought in. Additionally, glass bottles/ containers are not allowed due to safety concerns.

To ensure that your child receives their lunch on time, please communicate with them ahead of time to let them know to check the office during their recess/lunch time. It is important to note that the office will not interrupt instructional time to advise students of lunches left in the office.

If parents do not drop off the lunch in a timely manner, students will be advised to eat lunch from the cafeteria.