All students to maintain a “Excellent” attendance rate of 96% or higher throughout the entire school year.


This means students should not have:

  • More than one absence for every five weeks (25 instructional days) of school.
  • More than Seven Total absences in the school year.



According to the California Education Code 48205, students may be excused from school when an absence(s) is due to:

  • Illness or injury of pupil
  • Quarantine
  • Medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic services
  • Mental or behavioral health (absence for the benefit of the pupil’s mental or behavioral health)
  • Attending the funeral of an immediate family member (may include any family member residing with the student)
    • one day within the state
    • three days outside the state
  • Jury duty
  • Illness or medical treatment of a child of whom the student is the custodial parent (no doctor’s note required for illness of child)
  • Justifiable personal reasons require the Administrator Approval of Student Absence form
*Please refer to the LAUSD Parent Student Handbook for a complete list of excusable absences.
Provide an absence verification within 10 days after your child returns. Absences for which no explanation is provided or absences for reasons other than those listed as excused absences will be considered unexcused. 

Below are suggestions to maintain your child’s attendance:

  • Plan family vacations for non-school days only
  • Schedule non-emergency medical and dental appointments after school hours on weekends or during your child’s vacation
  • If the appointment must be during school hours, please have your child attend school prior to the appointment and/or return to school after the appointment to complete the school day
  • Post school calendars, school attendance policy, and schedules in a visible place
  • Access Parent Portal to monitor your child's attendance at