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Calahan Committees

Calahan Committees


Calahan's School Based Management (SBM) and School Site Council (SSC) is a consensus-oriented, site based decision-making body for the school. It has the responsibility for allocating discretionary funds and setting the site-based policies and procedures consistent with District policies, procedures, and laws to achieve the school’s program goals, thus promoting the best educational program possible for students. The attainment of consensus among all members of SBM/SSC shall be a primary goal. If consensus cannot be reached, decisions will be made so long as there is a quorum by a simple majority vote of the members present. In the event of a tie vote, further discussion and research will take place until there is a majority vote. Any stakeholder can bring new business before SBM/SSC. All standing committees will have representation from both the parent body and teaching staff and are the foundation of policy decision-making at Calahan.

Note: Minutes from SBM/SSC are posted on this page. 


Calahan Elementary School has Advisory Committees. All full-time teachers belong to at least one committee. Parents and community members are encouraged to join and attend any and all committees.

Student Recognition Advisory Committee:

  • Caught Ya' behavior incentives - monthly focus
  • Award assemblies - requesting certificates from local businesses
  • On-time attendance - monthly awards and end-of-grading period certificates
  • Character traits posters - bulletin boards and Monday morning assembly presentation
  • Community outreach

Technology Advisory Committee:

  • Grant writing for school wide technology
  • Distribute devices
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Training on new equipment and programs
  • Leadership for technology professional development
  • Inventory
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recommendations for software and equipment
  • Community outreach

Campus Beautification Committee:

  • Environmental Defenders - The Clean Team - coordinate TA support
  • Garden area
  • Lunch areas
  • School clean ups
  • Lost and Found

Safe School Environment Advisory Committee:

  • Grant writing for school wide projects
  • School Safety Plan
  • Emergency bins
  • Monitor and replace supplies
  • Emergency drills - duties assigned, distribution and evaluation of surveys after drills
  • Playground safety
  • Emergency packs
  • Organize Thursday projects during SSC/SBM meetings
  • Community outreach 

School Spirit Advisory Committee:

  • Staff events - welcome, staff morale, potluck lunches, staff birthdays, faculty dues, Volunteer Tea, retirements
  • Theme Thursdays
  • Spirit Days - once a week, make arrangements for Spirit Wear
  • Holiday Program
  • Community outreach

Instructional Leadership Team (ILT):

ILT includes grade level chairs. ILT members may be representatives on SSC/SBM as ratified by staff vote. 

  • Scheduling, planning, and presenting professional development
  • Family Nights
  • Provide instructional leadership
  • Attend District PD
  • Outline goals of PD, delineate objectives based on goals and standards, and monitor success
  • Evaluation form to report to SBM/SSC
  • Input to SPSA regarding instructional focus
  • Survey committees and grade level chairpersons for needs and wants regarding PDs
  • Create preference sheet for Committees - Organize committees 

Short Term/Specialized Committees:

  • GATE (3 times per year)
  • Interview Committees (as needed)
  • Jog-a-Thon
  • Library Grant (2022 beginning of the school year)
  • SSC (6-8 times per year)
  • SSPT
Note: All minutes are considered a draft until approved at a following meeting.


ELAC stands for the English Learner Advisory Committee. This program provides assistance to any child where English is not their first language. The purpose of the committee is to approve and monitor a school plan, develop goals, review the budget and to help evaluate the school’s needs. Committee members are also responsible for writing and revising bylaws, planning and implementing parent training where needed, and providing communication with local and central districts.


Parents play a very active role in our school, and the success of Calahan depends upon continuing this tradition. The highly productive collaboration between parents and educators enables us to provide the best, most enriched education possible. While parents are and will be involved in all levels of decision-making at Calahan, their participation will help to fulfill our promise of an enriched educational experience for all children. At least one parent representative will serve on each of the school’s Advisory Committees, including but not limited to by-laws and curriculum, school safety, staff selection, technology, positive behavior, and professional development.

Thank you for your support!