School Forms


Welcome to the Parent Forms page. Parents/guardians can download the school forms in the desired language, complete the form on a computer, print, sign, and return to the school. Downloading the form to a computer does not automatically transfer your information to the school.


Student Emergency Information Form

This form provides the school with the required contact information for your child. It includes home/business telephone numbers and addresses, emergency telephone numbers of relatives or friends who are authorized to care for the student in an emergency situation and authorization for emergency medical treatment. This form also replaces the LAUSD Notification System: Parent/Guardian Contact Form and should be used to provide the contact information for the District's notification system which sends general, attendance and emergency calls to the parents/guardians.

It must be completed at the beginning of each school year (or whenever there is a change in information) and provided to the school. This information must be accurate and current as it is utilized for the protection of student health and welfare, and to provide immediate communication with the parent/legal guardian/caregiver.